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Our preparation methods are so effective when properly followed that we guarantee you will improve your SAT score (for example) by at least 100 points on actual tests. We don't play games as some courses do by giving you a contrived, difficult test the first day and then counting your increase based on that artificially low score. We work individually (but affordably) to ensure that each student gets the attention he or she needs; this is not a factory approach. Classes are held year-round in the continental U.S. We also help with essays for college and scholarship applications.

In addition to the regular classes we offer during the school year, we also have intensive summer courses, and students from all over have benefited from them. We also offer an extremely effective online PSAT/SAT prep course that uses video & audio to teach everything that appears on the SAT, with unlimited access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for up to a year (extensions are available).

We also offer individual tutoring sessions for students who need help with a particular subject.

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 Our Students say: 

"Because of memorizing vocabulary, my verbal score went up 150 points."

-C.Y., Oak Hill, VA

"The class was recommended to us by his counselor at Thomas Jefferson High School....My son had already scored a 1420 on the SAT when he took Ms. Manning's class, so he was already in good standing and we weren't sure he could do much better. After her class he scored a 1600! She makes the student work; this isn't a better score through osmosis (an SAT word!), so your child has to want to participate, but if they do chances are good they will get a better score and that is not always the case with SAT prep classes....the SAT score is so important in the college application process it's important to take a really good program."

-B.S., Reston, VA

"The biggest strength of the book is its no-nonsense approach toward taking the SATs. It states very clearly what you need to know to get a [perfect score]. No fancy strategies, just plain flat-out knowledge....Considering my scores went up by about 150 points each, that's a pretty good indicator of how helpful it is....Unlike other books I've used, it tells you straight out, 'This is what you have to know so go learn it!'"

-K.M, Indonesia